How to use User Intent in Topics and Subtopics?


What is User Intent?

User Intent is a smart feature that brings new powerful ways of analyzing customer communication and feedback. Powered by a proprietary Machine Learning model it can automatically classify user intent in customer feedback with a high degree of accuracy. This makes it easier for users to track various topics with high precision based on complex criteria.

User Intent can be used to define both Topics and Subtopics in addition or instead of using keywords.

Types of User Intent

Currently, our User Intent model can match eight different types of queries:

  • Product Requests
  • Product Issues
  • Product Compliments
  • Help Requests
  • Service Criticisms
  • Service Compliments
  • Billing Issues
  • Churn

We are planning to expand this list to detect other types of user intent, so if you'd like to see a particular type of intent added - please let us know.


How to create a Topic based on User Intent?

First, open the Topic Creator by navigating to Topics and clicking "Create Topic". 

If you have User Intent enabled in your Prodsight Workspace you will see the User Intent section under "Topic Criteria".

Click on the User Intent dropdown and choose the desired intent from the list.

Optionally, you can narrow down your topic criteria by adding keywords.

Click "Save Topic" to save your topic criteria.

Request early access

User Intent is an experimental feature and is only available to Prodsight customers who have opted to join the Beta Program. 

If you'd like to request early access, please complete this Enrolment Form.