How to connect Freshdesk to Prodsight?

To connect Freshdesk with Prodsight you will need a Prodsight account. If you don't have one yet, please sign up here.

1. Create a Freshdesk API Key

To connect with Prodsight, you will first need to generate a Freshdesk API key.

Here's how you can get your API key:

  • Log in to your Freshdesk account
  • Click on your profile picture on the top right and select 'Profile Settings'
  • In the sidebar on the right, you will find the API Key
  • Copy-paste this as required to authenticate third-party solutions

You can reset the API Key to deauthorize an app from connecting to your helpdesk. But doing so will disconnect all other apps that were using this key to connect to the helpdesk as well. You will need to provide the new key to the other apps to continue using them again.

2. Enter your Freshdesk credentials on Prodsight

Return to Prodsight, and navigate to Integrations.

Choose  Freshdesk from the list of integrations and click Connect.

Enter your Freshdesk credentials:

  1. Freshdesk portal domain (e.g. "")
  2. Paste in the Freshdesk API key you created in the first step of this guide
  3. Click Connect with Freshdesk

Success! Freshdesk is now connected.

If your credentials were entered correctly, you will see the status of the Freshdesk integration change to "Connected". This means that the connection has been made successfully and your data is syncing.

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