Intro to the Topics Widget on the Dashboard

The Topics widget on the Dashboard displays the summary of the topic performance in a given time period.

Filter options

The topics widget will be subject to any filters applied to the Dashboard view:

  • Date range (default: last 30 days)
  • Filters (integration, user attributes, etc.)


The Topics widget displays the following metrics:

  • Volume - the number of conversations the topic has appeared in
  • Volume change - the difference in volume between this and the previous period
  • Trend - the difference in the proportion of conversations the topic appears in comparison with the previous period
  • Net Sentiment - the % difference between positive and negative mentions associated with the topic

Sorting options

By default, the results in the widget are sorted by Volume in descending order. 

You can change the order by clicking on the respective column title to one of the following sorting options:

  • Volume (ascending)
  • Volume (descending, default)
  • Trend (ascending)
  • Trend (descending)
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