Product Update - 2020 October

We've been working on some significant changes to make Prodsight even more accurate and reliable for tracking and reporting on customer issues and are excited to bring you these new improvements.

New Features

Conversation-based reporting

As you know all metrics in Prodsight were counted in terms of Mentions (individual messages). Whilst that worked well in most cases, the  Conversation-based reporting will improve the accuracy of your reporting.

Benefits of Conversation-based metrics:

  • Alignment with metrics used in support and other tools
  • Reduced likelihood of over-reporting on topic trends
  • More accurate reporting on topic contribution to the overall volume

Mentions are now grouped by conversation

When multiple mentions from the same  conversation match your topic keywords, they will now be grouped and counted as a single conversation. This allows you to see better gauge the context behind each case.

Volume Percentage (Ratio) metric

We also introduced a new metric - Ratio!

Let's say you want to understand how different topics contribute to your  conversation volume. Now you can see exactly what percentage of conversations each topic or project has appeared in.


Decimal precision in the Trend chart

Now the tooltips on the Trend chart display metrics at a single decimal precision on Topic and Project pages.

Simplified Sentiment gauge

You simply want to know if people like or dislike aspects of your product. Now you can see exactly what proportion of negative conversations are related to any topic as well as the overall Net Sentiment score.

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