Product Update - 2020 August

It was a crazy busy month at Prodsight. We're delighted to present you with five new product improvements that will make it easier to explore customer insights in Prodsight.

Zoom in on any period in charts

Now you can quickly zoom in on a particular week or month by clicking on the chart in Topic and Project views. This can help you quickly explore spikes in mentions and give you better context around what was happening in a particular time period.

Import NPS, surveys, reviews and more

Bring all your customer feedback into one place by importing your support tickets, reviews, NPS, surveys and other feedback into Prodsight. Get a 360-degree view of your customers and make better decisions. Check out all of our integrations.

Explore mentions from each keyword

When creating or editing topics, you can see what mentions a given keyword brings to the topic by simply clicking on it. This helps verify topic keywords and improve topic accuracy.

Net Sentiment for Topics and Projects

Last month we released the Net Sentiment Report to help you track the overall customer sentiment. Now we've added Net Sentiment scores on Topic and Project views as well so you can quickly gauge how positive or negative each topic is.

Save mention searches as topics

A good way to find new topic ideas is reading through recent messages. Now you can quickly save any mention search query as a topic from the same view without changing context.

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