Product Update - 2020 September

Another month - another set of product improvements at Prodsight. This month, we focused on Sentiment. Read on to learn about all the new features we shipped recently.

Sentiment Trends now in Topics & Projects

You've seen the Net Sentiment graph on the Dashboard. It's great for understanding how your customers feel about your brand across the board. We have now brought the Net Sentiment chart to the Topic and Project view as well so you can see how the Sentiment is changing at a granular level.

New Sentiment Indicators

We didn't stop at charts. We've redesigned the Sentiment indicator to make it easier than ever to gauge the Sentiment of a Topic or Project at a glance. No more tricky mental math! 🤯

Subtopic Sentiment

Many of you asked us to display Sentiment on Subtopics too. Well, now that day has come! You can now easily see which Subtopics are driving negative or positive Sentiment at a glance.