Zendesk Integration

About Zendesk

Zendesk is a web-based help desk support tool that makes it simple to provide great customer support.

About Prodsight-Zendesk integration

As your Zendesk ticket volume grows, it becomes harder to see which issues and requests matter the most. Prodsight makes this easy by analyzing your conversations and automatically identifying the most important topics you should be tracking, with intelligent stats such as sentiment and volume.

Use Cases

Use Prodsight to apply a data-driven approach to analysing feature requests and usability issues. This can help Product Managers to prioritise product roadmaps, get crucial buy-in from development teams and measure impact of new features.

Key features

  • No manual tagging
  • Automatic topic discovery
  • Custom topic tracking
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Email reports

Learn more about the Prodsight-Zendesk integration.

What data do you sync from Zendesk?

Data we sync:

  • Tickets and comments
  • User attributes

Data we do not sync:

  • User names
  • User email addresses

Historic Zendesk data sync

Prodsight syncs historic Zendesk ticket data to allow you to perform historic topic and sentiment analysis. The duration of the historic data backfill may vary depending on your subscription plan. For the latest information, please check out our pricing page.

How to connect Zendesk with Prodsight?

Connecting Prodsight with Zendesk is simple:

  1. Create a Prodsight account
  1. Login to Prodsight and navigate to Integrations
  1. Choose Zendesk from the list of integrations and click Connect
  1. In the dialog, enter the subdomain of your Zendesk portal URL (enter "acmecorp" if your Zendesk URL is "acmecorp.zendesk.com")
  1. Enter your Zendesk account email address and password ()

    don't worry, these details will only be used to authorize access to Zendesk and won't be stored


How to connect Zendesk when I don't have a password or use SSO?

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