Remove unwanted mentions from topics

You can manually remove mentions from a topic, subtopic or workspace manually to increase the accuracy of your reports.

This is especially useful when a mention doesn't match the context of your topic or subtopic. It's also handy when you identify spam or system messages amongst your mentions.

You have three options depending on the context you are in:

  • Remove from a subtopic - mention will be removed from a given sub-topic but can still appear in the topic or other subtopics. Only available when you are in a subtopic.
  • Remove from a topic - mention will be removed from a given topic but can still appear in other topics. Only available when you're in a topic.
  • Remove from a workspace - mention will be removed from your Prodsight workspace and will no longer appear in any of your reports. However, it will not be removed from the original source such as Intercom. Available everywhere mentions are displayed.

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