How to use keywords in topics?

This article explains the difference between broad and exact matching keywords in topics and subtopics.

Broad match

When you add keywords to a topic or a subtopic, by default Prodsight applies a broad match.

This saves you from having to specify all possible word or phrase variations and increases the number of potential matches.

For example, if you add "cancel account" as a keyword, all of the following mentions will be returned as matches:

  • " do I cancel account..."
  • "...what's the policy for cancelling an account..."
  • " premium account was cancelled..."

A match will be created if:

  • mention contains word stem(s)
  • keywords are in any order
  • keywords are separated by up to three words

Exact match

If you want to find something specific as it appears in the results hen you can use Exact Match:

  • Open a Topic or Subtopic creator
  • type in your keyword
  • tick the "Exact Match" checkbox feature
  • add the keyword.

A match will be created if:

  • mention contains the keyword exactly as specified (except case)
  • multi-word keywords appear in the specified order
  • multi-word keywords are not separated by other words.
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