How does the Mention allowance work?

We bill based on the number of mentions you send to Prodsight for analysis in each calendar month.

What is a Mention?

A Mention in Prodsight is a single free-text comment from your user or customer.

Some examples of Mentions:

  • a comment in a Zendesk support ticket
  • a user reply in an Intercom conversation
  • an NPS survey verbatim sent via Zapier
  • a customer review sent via Zapier

What is my Mention allowance?

With each Prodsight plan, you get an allowance for the number of Mentions you can send to Prodsight for analysis every month.

The sum of mentions received from all connected data sources will be used to determine your usage against the allowance.

Do mentions created by my agents count towards my allowance?

No. Prodsight is designed to help you analyse your customer feedback. Mentions originating from your support agents might skew your analysis results and are automatically excluded. Therefore, messages or notes created by admins/agents in your support system will not appear in your Prodsight Mentions and are excluded from your mention allowance.

What happens if I go over my allowance?

You can learn more about what happens when you exceed your monthly allowance here.

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