How to import Delighted surveys via Webhooks?

This article will explain how to import your Delighted surveys into Prodsight via Delighted Webhooks.

You might also want to check out our Zapier Delighted-Prodsight integration as an alternative approach.

Step 1 - Get a Prodsight Webhook URL

Webhooks allow you to programmatically send information from one service to another when something happens. In this case, we want Delighted to notify Prodsight every time there is a new Delighted survey.

For this, you will need us to provide you with a Prodsight destination URL which you will need in the next steps.

Request a Webhook URL

Step 2 - Access Delighted

  • Login to Delighted
  • Navigate to Integrations
  • Locate Webhooks and click Set up

Step 3 - Configure the Webhook

  • Under Send feedback notifications for, select the events that you would like to trigger the Webhook
  • You can add as many events as you need by repeating the step above
  • For each event, paste in the Prodsight Webhook URL which you obtained in Step 1
  • Click Send test for each event to make sure everything works as expected
  • Once you are happy with the configuration click Save & turn on.

Step 4 - Notify us once you're done

There is a quick manual step that our team will need to complete on our end to enable your Delighted - Prodsight integration.

Please contact us to let us know once you have completed all the above steps.

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