How to create another Workspace?

You can create a separate Prodsight workspace when you need to analyze data for a different company, project or simply to create separation.

Managing multiple workspaces

Any Prodsight user can access and manage multiple Prodsight workspaces with the same login credentials by simply switching between workspaces via the navigation bar.

Data is never shared between workspaces and each Prodsight workspace has its own separate:

  • Data sources/integrations;
  • Topics, Topic Groups and Subtopics;
  • User list;
  • Billing;
  • Settings.

How to create a new workspace?

  • Make sure you are logged in to Prodsight
  • Click here to create a new workspace
  • Give it a distinctive name and click Create Workspace.

Please note that you will not be automatically switched to the new workspace. To switch, please click the drop-down in the top left of the navigation bar, and pick the desired workspace from the list.

Once you created your workspace you can connect your data source(s) to begin analysis.

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