Sync Prodsight Topics and Sentiment to Zendesk

Please note that the Two-way Sync for Zendesk is a beta feature available to a limited number of customers. You can request access here.

Prodsight can now sync Sentiment, Topics and Topic Groups values associated with each Zendesk ticket directly back to Zendesk. This provides agents with additional context about the ticket and can be used for powering automated workflows as well as advanced reporting.

Why sync Prodsight data to Zendesk?

Prodsight already provides an easy-to-use interactive dashboard for tracking and exploring customer issues and queries. However, some Zendesk users might wish to leverage Prodsight data in other ways including:

  • Providing quick context to the agent around the ticket sentiment and the topics discussed;
  • Skill-based routing of tickets to different teams based on sentiment or topics;
  • Integrated and advanced reporting in Zendesk Explore;

How does it work?

When you enable the Two-way Sync for Zendesk it works as follows:

  • Prodsight will automatically create three additional Ticket Custom Fields in your Zendesk instance: Prodsight Sentiment, Prodsight Topics and Prodsight Topic Groups;
  • When a new ticket is created, it will be synced to Prodsight for analysis;
  • Prodsight will update the Prodsight Sentiment custom field with one of the three possible values (positive, neutral or negative);
  • Prodsight will update the Prodsight Topics custom field with all Prodsight topics that match the contents of the ticket;
  • Prodsight will update the Prodsight Topic Groups custom field with all Prodsight topic groups that match the contents of the ticket.
  • When the ticket is closed or solved, any additional comments will be synced to Prodsight for analysis as usual;
  • Prodsight will update the Prodsight Sentiment, Prodsight Topics and Prodsight Topic Groups again with the up-to-date values.

Please note there might be a 1-2 minute delay before Zendesk Custom Fields are updated.

How to make the most of the Two-way Sync?

To maximize the effectiveness of the Two-Way Sync feature there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Build your Topic Taxonomy first. Topics and Topic Groups need to be created in Prodsight first before they can be populated in Zendesk.
  • Make sure that every Prodsight topic is configured correctly and you are happy with the results that it's pulling in. Refine your topic criteria as necessary before enabling this feature.
  • Archive any redundant Topics you are no longer interested in tracking on Prodsight. This will ensure that your Zendesk fields are populated with the most relevant data.
  • Ensure that each topic is associated with at least one Topic Group. This will ensure that the Topic Groups field is populated accurately and allows you to track the high-level themes.

If you have any questions or would like some assistance with configuring your Topics in Prodsight, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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