How to import customer feedback to Prodsight?

Prodsight is designed to analyze your existing customer feedback so the first step is to connect apps and services that gather customer feedback in your organization.

You can find all of our supported data sources in Integrations in the left side menu:

Ways to import data to Prodsight

There are six different methods to import your customer feedback for analysis to Prodsight.

1. Connect your support system

Support tickets are full of customer insights. Prodsight has direct integrations with popular support tools such as Intercom, Zendesk, and Freshdesk.

How to connect Zendesk to Prodsight?

How to connect Freshdesk to Prodsight?

How to connect Intercom to Prodsight?

2. Import your online reviews

Prodsight can automatically import reviews from 85 popular review sites such as Trustpilot, Apple App Store, Google Play Store and G2Crowd to mention but a few.

Import reviews from 85 sites

3. Import surveys, NPS, forms and other feedback via Zapier

Zapier allows you to import data from 2,000+ apps and services such as Typeform, Delighted and Google Sheets.

How does the Zapier integration work?

4. Import data from Google Sheets

You can use our Zapier integration to automatically send customer feedback from your favourite services to Prodsight.

Import from Google Sheets via Zapier

5. Set up a Chrome Extension

The Zapier Chrome extension lets you send customer feedback to Prodsight right from your Chrome browser.

Import Feedback via a Zapier Chrome Extension

6. Build a custom integration with our API

If you have a custom data source that Prodsight doesn't support yet you can use our Developer API to build your own integration and import data from virtually any source programmatically.

Learn more about Prodsight Developer API

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