How does the Message Cleaning work?

Prodsight is designed to analyze your user messages to reflect their voice so we remove any agent or bot responses from the analysis automatically. However, when users respond to support conversations via email, the original agent message can get embedded in their reply. As a result, your topics might trigger on keywords in the agent text and skew your reports.

How does it work?

  • You can enable Message Cleaning in Settings > Workspace Settings;
  • When Message Cleaning is enabled, Prodsight will attempt to detect the part of the message that does not contain useful user content such as remnants of an email thread, a signature or a disclosure note;
  • The unwanted message part is automatically removed and only the user part of the message is kept.


In the example below, you see a user message (in green) that has an email thread attached at the end (in red). This can sometimes happen due to the way different support tools process email replies. 

The attached thread contains text from the support agent which is not what we want since we are analyzing customer messages. 

Prodsight can automatically detect that there is an email thread attached and remove it, leaving just the user message for analysis. This helps dramatically improve the accuracy of sentiment and topic analysis.