Product Update - 2021 January

We kick off 2021 with a range of feature improvements to the new User Intent feature, topic, and user management.

Product Improvements

User Intent Accuracy Boost 🚀

Prodsight ML Intent Classifier

Now that the new User Intent feature has been in the wild for over a month, we captured some amazing feedback from customers in the Beta program.

Based on that feedback we retrained the User Intent model and managed to achieve an overall accuracy score of 90% in our test set. 

In case you missed the original announcement, User Intent is a Machine-Learning based feature that will let you create smart topics based on user intent and easily separate how-to questions from product issues, feature requests, and more.

Learn more about User Intent:

Edit Projects

Projects are a great way to group related topics and track their cumulative metrics.

You can already easily add and remove Topics in Projects. Now you can also easily change project names so they can always reflect their contents.

Add Topic Suggestions to Existing Topics

Topic Suggestions continuously scan your conversations for new topics. Sometimes it might pick up on a keyword or phrase that relates to a topic that you already track. 

Now you can easily add a Topic Suggestion to an existing topic of your choice by clicking on a three-dot icon and Add to existing topic.

We will show you a preview of your new combined topic so you can confirm the topic change with confidence.

Easily resend expired user invites

Sometimes a Prodsight invite might get lost in a colleague's inbox as it gets buried amongst other emails or when a colleague is on leave. For security reasons Prodsight invites automatically expire after 7 days so they need to be manually resent.

Now you can easily resend an invite in one click in Settings > Users.

Remove Inactive Users👨🔧

As people leave the organization or switch teams, their Prodsight access might need to be removed to ensure that your workspace is secure and only the right people have access.

You can now easily see who currently has access to your workspace and remove users in Settings > Users.

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