Users often ask us how long it will take to generate Intercom Conversation exports. Most exports complete in under 2 hours but it can take significantly shorter or longer depending on a few factors.


The factors that affect the duration:

  • Conversation count - the more conversations you choose to export, the longer it will take. On average it takes about 1 hour to process 1,000 conversations.
  • Queue length - we process exports as they come in, so when there is a high demand there might be some lead time before your export starts to be processed.
  • Row options - the more meta-data you request (such as to include message entries) the longer it will take.

Tracking export progress

You can track your export progress in the dashboard under "Status". It shows progress expressed in terms of percentage. For example, if you requested 2,000 conversations and 1,000 were retrieved, you will see 50%.

When the export completes, the status will change to "Ready" and you will receive an e-mail notification.

Downloading incomplete results

If you want to start working on your export whilst it is still being processed, you can download current results by clicking on "Download CSV" button.

The complete results can only be downloaded when Status changes to "Ready".

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